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At Home

So, I moved home on Tuesday, only to go back to Platteville on Wednesday with a U-Haul trailer so I could pack up more stuff and the furniture items I had.
So I spent most of yesterday in Platteville or driving.

Today I spent the day cleaning up my room and getting all of my stuff into it. I think I’ve concluded that I’ll have to move out to find room for everything. Well, that’s not so true, just about everything (minus the furniture) is in my room right now and it’s pretty well organized. I still have some more to do tomorrow though.

So tonight I went somewhere I hadn’t been in about 6 years. A Boy Scout Meeting with my old Boy Scout Troop where I received my Eagle Scout loooong ago. I’ve been a registered Assistant Scoutmaster for the troop for the last 6 years, figured it was about time I showed up for a meeting. Ran into 3 people I knew, and they all recognized me immediately as well. So next week I’ll be helping out with the normal thing we did the Thursday before Memorial Day – putting flags on the veteran’s graves at Memorial Cemetery in Appleton.
I hope that I can get involved again, this time as an adult, in the troop again. I had a lot of fun in that troop and I’d love it if I can help out.

Well, time for some more unpacking and arranging. My room is starting to feel like home again.

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