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End of Week 1

Now its midnight and I can’t sleep.
So how about I write about something good. Complaining hardly ever helps, right?

All of my insurance benefits kicked in today, for starters.
Health, Vision, Dental, and a ‘free’ Life Insurance policy that Plexus gives all employees.
401K was setup and adjusted. I just need HR to activate the computer access on their end so I can choose what particular funds I want that money to be invested into. I’ve got until June 8th to do that.
Bonus part is that come November I have an opportunity to change my benefits if I want too, so I sort of get to ‘test’ things out now (praying I don’t test out the health plan).
I know I need another eye check and for the first time ever I have dental insurance.

So today at worked I did a lot of follow up stuff with that, but at the same time building management called upon our line to add an extra 3 board assembly/jobs into our rotation – and these boards have ‘urgent #1 priority’. They also come with access restrictions to what data we can have about the project – and pretty much everything is stamped with red ink as it’s a government job. Not only that, but the quality jumps from a class 2 (standard Plexus Quality) to a class 1 (High Quality – a.k.a. ‘overkill and very expensive’).
Got more process experience again, had a chance to sit down and just talk with the various other residents of ‘the cube’ (that’s the name for the engineering cube area on the production line I’m on).

Found out today that the line I’m on places twice as many components per hour as any other line in the building (~14,000 parts per hour on my line, next highest is ~8,000). Our A line places more than most complete lines (Each machine places about 650 components in under 6min, and we have 4 machines per line – yesterday I was the guy that kept those parts coming on the A line).
Our B line places as many as most A lines (For reference, all lines have both an A and a B line, A line is always used. B line is used if the circuit board is dual sided, meaning that components are on both sides).
This line also makes more money than any other line in the building too. 🙂

Had a meeting for the next budget phase – basically what our production line ‘wants’ in the next year, anything over $1000. We want 2 more machines to replace 2 we have now – and these babies are expensive machines I found out today!

I guess I should stop rambling on about my job, I hardly know anything yet really – but I could write far more on this page!

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