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First 2 days

So on Monday I pretty much spent the whole day with Human Resources going threw the basic training and fairly boring instructional things written for the assembly workers (paid by hour). I was one of 4 in the group of 25 or so that wasn’t an hourly worker.
Anyhow, the 4 of us did get a separate session on benefits and how to set that all up that the rest of the people didn’t get (so many choices… insurance is confusing).
After spending was seemed like forever in training we were done, so I was to report to my supervisor in building 5.
Well, my supervisor in building 5 transferred on Monday morning – so with the help of the Site Engineering Supervisor we tracked down somebody to give me a very quick tour of the facility until I could meet my real supervisor on Tuesday – on his second day on the job.
Anyhow, I got to see where my desk will be, very nice. I’ve got a huge workspace – and it’s not really a ‘cubical farm’ at all. In fact the engineer that was giving me the quick tour referred to it as ‘the court’.

So I show up for work and make a nice discovery right away – I can’t get in the building. My key card beeps at the door alright, but the door won’t open.
So after walking to the front of the building and finding the receptionist she calls up security and gets my card fixed in about 30 seconds. Just then another one of the new hires I spent yesterday with shows up – with the same problem. He got his card fixed too, the receptionist said it’s pretty much every Tuesday she has to do that for a few people (New hire orientation is on Mondays).
So After getting into the production area I again get a tour – this time by the IE I am replacing (He’s moving to a new department in about 2 months). And here come the names. Lots of names. I forgot pretty much all of them. I met my supervisor/boos for about 60 seconds, and I didn’t see him the rest of the day (I remembered his name at least!).
So I’m working on the Siemens Ultrasound production line, and boy did I see a lot today.
From how insanely small some of the board components are to how many hours of testing are done on each unit, and so much more.
I’ve already pretty much been told of a project I’m going to be running and I was put on the CC line of about 3 other projects I will be assuming from the man I’m replacing.
Got a computer and phone during the day – along with what will be my standard working hours, 7 to 7:30am to about 4 or 5 every day. I have a daily 7:30am production meeting, so I have to be their for that.

Today was awesome. So many details with the production of the circuit boards and all the issues related to it. It looks like starting next week I’ll be an ‘assembly worker’ for about a week and a half as I’ll get a day on pretty much every machine to find out all the great details from each one. All while attending the various meetings I’ll be going too.
Fun times.

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