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Graduation Weekend

So, time to sum up my last few days in college…

Thursday- Senior Sendoff night.
Senior sendoff was a formal event at the golf course here in Platteville. It was great to see everyone dressed up for the senior sendoff and I had a great time over dinner.
After dinner I went home and changed into something a little less formal as I didn’t want my good pants and shirt to smell like smoke and get something spilled on them.
Headed down to the Annex at that point and met up with my IE classmates. As this was the second time I’d ever been downtown with them and I was graduating it quickly turned into a “Lets get Mark wasted” event. When I left my house I had $6 in my wallet. On Friday morning I had $10. I haven’t a clue where the extra $4 came from.
The moment I had an empty hand somebody handed me something new – and a few people bought me some shots.
At about midnight I came to the realization that I was starting to get into trouble given what was going on. I needed to get out. I ended up walking home, alone, in the rain, while it was about 45F outside.

Friday – The last day.
I woke up Friday with a hangover and I was pretty mad about what had transpired the night before. Everybody wanted to get me drunk – but nobody was willing to help me get home. I guess this was a nice reminder about how much I don’t like to drink – and hardly ever do. I’m so happy that I have friends that don’t drink!
I went to my last class (Human Resources Management) with a bad headache, and followed it by the final for that class an hour later. College classes were over. Everything was done.
I turned in the SME treasurer stuff. I went from -$22 to $531 in the account in a single semester. I’m really proud of that. I pray the next treasurer can keep up with how well I did and how I overhauled the entire position and it’s responsibilities.
Got all my files off the campus network onto my jumpdrive, set my campus email to forward to my gmail account (until the university kills my campus account anyhow).
Just finished up random end of the year stuff.
My parents got into town about 7pm and we went to dinner at Timbers. I had chicken fettuccine alfredo, great stuff. After that I spent some time with my sisters at my place while my parents stayed at the hotel. Played a few games of pool and watched a movie.
I dropped my sister back off at the hotel about 10pm and then I drove over to the Glowing Ministries movie night to see if they were still around – and they were. About 2am I headed home (and thankful for friends that don’t drink!!).

Saturday – Graduation Day
Went to breakfast at Country Kitchen with the family, ran into Justin there (both of them!). Then went to campus for the 2pm graduation ceremony. One of my graduating classmates smuggled booze into the ceremony and he just reeked of alcohol. I got my name called, shook hands with the chancellor, and was done with college.
Headed to Ullsvick to do the Order of the Engineer thing, is the place for more info on that. Basically it’s a constant reminder of who we are – and that our responsibility is to the people. It’s a great reminder of ethnics, something this world could use more of.
Took the parents to the Perfect Pint to have something to munch on afterward and then they headed home.
Went to Brian’s party first (the same classmate that smuggled the booze in) to get some free food and ran into other people I knew. Turns out that the party next to him was for another guy I knew. After talking to the second guy I found out he has a job in Appleton – and the place he is renting is about a mile from my parents house in Neenah. Small world.
Then I ran into another guy who knew who I was when I said my name. Turns out he works for plexus already – and knew my name by recognition and where I was going to be working (building #5). He had some info on what I’ll probably be doing a week from now and that helped to explain some of the odd questions I had during my interview. In any case I’m super excited about starting my job up in a week!
Went home after that, was invited downtown but really didn’t want to go after Thursday night.

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