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Ready to Graduate

So, I’m ready to graduate.
It’s an interesting feeling really. It’s just so close to me now that it’s more and more real. I’ve got 7 hours of classes this coming week – and a 2 hour lab that will be presentations (which my group needs to finish yet).

I have a final to take for Human Resources Management sometime this week, as I’ll be taking it before the rest of the class during finals week. Have 1 exam tomorrow in Cost and Value Analysis. And on top of that all is my Senior Design presentation on Wednesday at 3M.

Basically, come Wednesday evening College is over for me. (unless my HR final is Thursday or Friday – in any case I’m not worried about that final in the least. The class has been a cake walk.)

Went hiking this weekend at Governor Dodge and then again this afternoon. Had ticks this afternoon, 3 to be exact. Was nice to get out and hike around again.
Spent Friday evening at a cookout with some friends.

Less than 6 days. Wow does time go fast! Take time to enjoy it when you can.

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