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Senior Design

138 pages of goodness! Spent about 4 hours formatting the thing tonight between the computer crashing and general “I hate MS Word and it’s auto-formatting junk”.
Anyhow – it’s starting to come together – and it’s due on Thursday really. Was in the lab until 11:30pm working on it.

Bible study tonight was fun stuff, had a new guy show up that had a lot of questions and defiantly had a few things ‘confused’ about what a Christian really is, much like most people these days. It was also my (much needed) break from staring at a computer screen for senior design.

Hard to believe that I’m almost done. Took one final today so now I’m down to 3 classes really. Still have some homework due in the class I finished up today but that’s pretty minor stuff that I’ll get done sometime this week or weekend.
Reminds me that I need to talk to my Human Resources Professor and schedule a final exam time as I am taking it next week due to graduation.

Can’t wait!!

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