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Time to move out?

So I’m considering moving out, and soon, once again. It’s only been a week and a few days and I’m about to go nuts.

Last night I’m talking with some friend on my computer (as usual, it’s how I talk to the vast majority of my friends it seems) and my mom seems to be upset that I’m in my room instead of being bored watching some TV show I really don’t want to watch with my parents downstairs.
I take a shower at night because the bathroom is nuts in the morning between my two sisters. The bathroom vanity covered more cosmetic junk than the Health and Beauty section of ShopKo (I should know, I worked that department for a year).
I go to sleep
I wake up at about 1am to discover my bedroom is about 90 degrees and I feel like I’m going to pass out from heat. Last summer I passed out twice from heat exhaustion in Platteville and I felt like I was about to again. Thankfully I still have all of my fans from last summer – and they were in my room. So I turned them all on high and that helped and a little bit later I was asleep.
I wake up.
My parents pull the one thing that irks me more than anything. I get ‘asked’ to mow the lawn after work by my dad, to which I reply “we’ll see after work” only to have him tell my mom not 60 seconds later that “Marks mowing the lawn after work”. Like usual I wasn’t at all asked – I was told. Ugh.
I go to work. Have a great time.
I go home. I go to my room to change into shorts and sit down for a bit and check email. I got a few that I needed to respond to. My mom shows up behind me and is upset that I’m not mowing the lawn it seems.
I go outside and start mowing the lawn.
I throw on my iPod and crank the music. So I’m mowing for about 10 minutes when the thing is clogged with grass (again). So I sort of yank the mower back over the clump of grass that’s stuck under the mower and then start the thing up again. 20 seconds later my dad is yelling at me for ‘destroying equipment’ (welcome home, by the way) and he pretty much tells me to go away and he grabs the mower.
I think a ‘wtf?’ is appropriate here.
I go inside.
I get told he had a bad day.
Great, he has a bad day, on a Friday, on an extra long weekend. Let me out of here.

I know I’ll get an earful later on ‘destroying equipment’, something to look forward too. ugh.

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