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Working, Friends, & Flags.

So today I started working on the assembly process, which was a pretty neat experience. It looks like I’ll be in a different location for about the next week, so until Friday of next week perhaps.
Today I was at the starting process. From blank circuit boards to nearly fully completed when done. The particular line I worked on was only one side of the circuit board (all of ours use both sides of the boards) with 4 machines that places parts. Each machine places about 600-700 parts each in about a 6 minute process – provided the machines doesn’t run out of parts!
Each machine can have up to 112 different parts ‘installed’ into it, and keeping those parts coming is defiantly a job – the job I was doing today.
The rest of the job was visual inspection of the board before the placing process to make sure it’s clean – and after the placing process to make sure something isn’t messed up.
Clean – no problem.
After – fun problems. Ever try flipping over a part that you need to pick up with a tweezers and place it back where you got it without touching another part? Oh – and the part is about an eighth of an inch square? (The machines placed this part upside down 3 times while I was working today). And with my not incredibly steady [male] hands I now know why the vast majority of the assembly workers are female!
Every assembly worker I worked with this morning, except for 2, were female (out of 20 or so). Most were twice my age, buts that’s not important. It was pretty fun though, and I defiantly learned a lot today.

Been over a week since I left Platteville now, and I’ve heard from 3 people I know from college so far in that time. I’m curious as to how everybody else is doing, I miss them already.

Tonight went to Appleton Memorial Cemetery to help the Boy Scout troop I’m and Assistant Scoutmaster in place flags on all of the veterans’ graves. It continues to amaze me every time I do that how many flags we place – and how awesome all those flags look flapping in the wind when we’re done. Something so many people forget, even today, that war has touched so many lives.
Happy Memorial Day – a few days earily.

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