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Sleep, Bills, New Car, holes in the walls

So I can’t fall asleep right now.
I guess it’s fitting because I couldn’t wake up this morning.

Rather I didn’t wake up with my alarm this morning.
So I rolled over and looked at my alarm clock this morning… it says 7:10.
Crap! I have to be at work in 20 minutes!
For some odd reason I took a shower last night before I went to bed – normally I take them in the morning… In any case I threw on my clothes and was out the door in less than 5 minutes. I even managed to brush my teeth.
I also had a lunch meeting at work – so I didn’t need to pack a lunch either. (mmm.. no shower or lunch to worry about doing in the morning… rather ‘lucky’)

So I got to work and made it with 2 minutes to spare before our daily 7:30am production overview meeting.
From bed to desk in 20 minutes. I don’t even think I managed to do that in college!
Who says that an IE isn’t about being efficient? 🙂

Anyhow – tomorrow morning I have 2 alarms set – one at 6am… and one at 6:01am!

So yesterday I spent a ton of money – I paid for the car, rent, credit card, electric, car insurance, and my subscription to Popular Mechanics.
Had to get a loan to pay for the car, which I knew was coming at least. Well, now that I think about it I could have paid for the car completely but I wouldn’t have had much cash left for anything else in the bank!
Anyhow I shouldn’t have any problems paying for that.

I saved a bunch of money on my car insurance…
…by paying the premium once a year for the entire year. Big bite every 12 months but it saves me $350 a year over paying every 6 months – and a lot more over paying every month.
It will be nice in a few months to see how the bills settle out and how much I will be putting in the bank every month.

Filled the gas tank in the new car today, its 4 gallons bigger than my last car so the bill was that much more, but it gets the same gas mileage so I can go about 380 miles on a tank of gas now. No more going to Platteville and back and getting the low fuel light on about Rosendale!

Hung some pictures on the walls in my new apartment. Nothing like bashing nails into brand new walls. I was worried about one picture I had because it’s pretty heavy I thought I might have to put 2 nails in but I don’t want to put anymore holes in the walls than I have to so I decided to try with one to start with.
I put that one nail straight into a stud. Nice.

Still have more stuff to hang, not sure where I’m going to put it though.
Thinking about getting a Queen Size bed now, I’m beginning to dislike this twin more and more.

Oh, one last thing
Congrats to my cousin Paul for getting engaged.
Guess I’ll finally have to go out to Colorado and visit!
And this whole wedding happening less than 3 months from now at a church on top of a mountain (in Colorado, of course) that [i]requires an SUV to get to[/i] over looking the continental divide with the ceremony at sunset just sounds awesome.

Car Stripping and Gas

So today I moved pretty much the last item of mine out of my house and into my new apartment. I also got a good reminder of how different I am from my sisters as well.

So the older of my two younger sisters managed to lock herself out of the house (in the backyard) and I was just going out the door opposite her to into the garage – and she starts banging on the window. First time I’ve seen her today and she’s just pounding on the door.
I joking ask ‘What?’. Of course I know the door is locked, I was just poking fun. So I let her in and I get a nice greeting of ‘Asshole’. Oh, well, nice to see you too.

So I finish packing up some small trinkets and stuff, in ‘her’ car mind you, with ‘her’ gas in it. Last night we had some severe storms, so I took her car and put it in my garage here so if it hailed it would hit my (totaled) car that insurance is picking up in the morning and not her car.

Well, she wasn’t happy that I was using ‘her’ car and ‘her’ gas – At all.
She wanted me to pay her for the gas. Sure, let’s see… it’s a one mile trip one way… the car gets somewhere between 22 to 24 miles per gallon…
…and I made the trip once.
Apparently I should be using my (totaled) car (which, mind you has started to develop other issues – like shaking when it turns or drives over 40mph). Oh, and my car’s got the ‘low fuel’ light on right now anyhow, I’ve been putting $5 worth of gas in it at a time the last week because I didn’t know how much longer I’d have it. I also stripped the car yesterday afternoon, all the floor mats, the radio, the tire jack and lug nut bar were all taken out.
Did you know that the entire radio and the $250 extra 10 disk CD-player in a Ford Sable is held in by 6 nuts? Took me about 3 minutes to take the entire unit out, wiring and all. If insurance doesn’t have a fit the radio is gone I’ll either sell it on ebay or put it in my new car if the unit is combatable. Anyhow, I already got a check from insurance for it.

Guess next time I go home I give her a quarter (that’s the cost of going 2 miles at 24mpg with gas at $3 a gallon).
So petty, silly, and immature. I offer to protect her car from the possibility of hail damage (costing potentially hundreds of dollars in damage) and she can’t stop complaining about 25 cents of gas.

I guess I feel the need to add it’s not really her car anyhow – she hasn’t completely bought it from my parents yet.

I’m glad I’m not nearly the petty.
I’ve got more important things to think about!

Moving Out (and In)

So it was a busy weekend!
I got the keys to my new apartment on Thursday, and I started moving stuff in this weekend. I worked on Saturday, and a friend from Platteville came up as well so not much was moved on Saturday!

It’s amazing just how much ‘stuff’ I found that I had either lost of forgotten I had.
For example, I found all of the letters I got from my pen pal I had in the 2nd grade and onward thru High School. We still talk to one another online. She used to be my next door neighbor when I was in kindergarten, so she’s pretty much been my friend longer than anyone else. It was nice to find the photo’s she sent me over the years with her letters too. Just wanted to say you looked great in your homecoming dress for your sophomore year in High School… I think I’m a few years late on that reply though (you did ask me what I thought in the letter after all).

This place is great, lots of room too. Thanks to an uncle I have a very nice almost new couch, and it sounds like my Grandma is going to give me a set of mahogany end tables from her basement next weekend as well. Only piece of furniture I think I’ll get is a bed – to replace the twin I have now. I’m too tall for a twin really; my feet have a knack for sticking off the end which is annoying! At home I had a queen, which is what I’ll most likely get

So, I’ve got a ton of stuff. Thanks to my mom I have a pretty complete set of everything I’ll need in the kitchen; from pots and pans to utensils and plates.
I just need to get the food!

Thanks to everybody that helped me move out – and a big thanks to my parents for helping me get to the point where I could move out!

Update: Busy Times

More of an update on my life right now than I normally give, but here you go:

I get the keys to my own place tomorrow (Thursday) after work. I’ll start moving in then and over the weekend. I have to work on Saturday for a bit so that time is cut short a bit. Looks like the big items (including my twin bed) won’t get moved until Saturday evening or Sunday sometime.

Starting on Tuesday I’ve been getting a lot of mail. From auto body repair shops and even more from ‘personal injury lawyers’ looking to cash in on my car accident from last Friday that was in the weekend’s police reports in the local paper.
The auto body mailers have been short one page ‘ads’ more or less.
The Lawyers on the other hand send much larger professorial details all the cash I could get with their help. Scavengers.

The Insurance regulator saw my car today, we should hear back from him on Friday if they are either going to try to repair my car or officially total it.

I need new auto insurance also, as I’m now going to be living on my own and I will not fall under my parents’ current plan I am covered under. So that’s higher expense for me than before.

On a note unrelated to me, Congrats to my cousin Paul out in Colorado on his engagement. Guess I’ll finally get to visit!!

Finding Music!

So today I was moving around some files on my computer and I found something I didn’t know I had, or rather I thought I had lost over 2 years ago (Hard drive died on me).

Almost my entire collecton of mp3’s.
Most of them I acquired from roommates and friends while in college, so the organization of them is horrid. Most aren’t tagged correctly, nor are they organized in any fashion.
I really don’t want to have to organize all these songs!!

So I now have (These were the ones that were organized into folders at least):
-21 hours of oldies
-50 hours of classical
Found loads of pop/rock as well.

I easily have a few weeks worth of music again.