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Car Stripping and Gas

So today I moved pretty much the last item of mine out of my house and into my new apartment. I also got a good reminder of how different I am from my sisters as well.

So the older of my two younger sisters managed to lock herself out of the house (in the backyard) and I was just going out the door opposite her to into the garage – and she starts banging on the window. First time I’ve seen her today and she’s just pounding on the door.
I joking ask ‘What?’. Of course I know the door is locked, I was just poking fun. So I let her in and I get a nice greeting of ‘Asshole’. Oh, well, nice to see you too.

So I finish packing up some small trinkets and stuff, in ‘her’ car mind you, with ‘her’ gas in it. Last night we had some severe storms, so I took her car and put it in my garage here so if it hailed it would hit my (totaled) car that insurance is picking up in the morning and not her car.

Well, she wasn’t happy that I was using ‘her’ car and ‘her’ gas – At all.
She wanted me to pay her for the gas. Sure, let’s see… it’s a one mile trip one way… the car gets somewhere between 22 to 24 miles per gallon…
…and I made the trip once.
Apparently I should be using my (totaled) car (which, mind you has started to develop other issues – like shaking when it turns or drives over 40mph). Oh, and my car’s got the ‘low fuel’ light on right now anyhow, I’ve been putting $5 worth of gas in it at a time the last week because I didn’t know how much longer I’d have it. I also stripped the car yesterday afternoon, all the floor mats, the radio, the tire jack and lug nut bar were all taken out.
Did you know that the entire radio and the $250 extra 10 disk CD-player in a Ford Sable is held in by 6 nuts? Took me about 3 minutes to take the entire unit out, wiring and all. If insurance doesn’t have a fit the radio is gone I’ll either sell it on ebay or put it in my new car if the unit is combatable. Anyhow, I already got a check from insurance for it.

Guess next time I go home I give her a quarter (that’s the cost of going 2 miles at 24mpg with gas at $3 a gallon).
So petty, silly, and immature. I offer to protect her car from the possibility of hail damage (costing potentially hundreds of dollars in damage) and she can’t stop complaining about 25 cents of gas.

I guess I feel the need to add it’s not really her car anyhow – she hasn’t completely bought it from my parents yet.

I’m glad I’m not nearly the petty.
I’ve got more important things to think about!

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