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Moving Out (and In)

So it was a busy weekend!
I got the keys to my new apartment on Thursday, and I started moving stuff in this weekend. I worked on Saturday, and a friend from Platteville came up as well so not much was moved on Saturday!

It’s amazing just how much ‘stuff’ I found that I had either lost of forgotten I had.
For example, I found all of the letters I got from my pen pal I had in the 2nd grade and onward thru High School. We still talk to one another online. She used to be my next door neighbor when I was in kindergarten, so she’s pretty much been my friend longer than anyone else. It was nice to find the photo’s she sent me over the years with her letters too. Just wanted to say you looked great in your homecoming dress for your sophomore year in High School… I think I’m a few years late on that reply though (you did ask me what I thought in the letter after all).

This place is great, lots of room too. Thanks to an uncle I have a very nice almost new couch, and it sounds like my Grandma is going to give me a set of mahogany end tables from her basement next weekend as well. Only piece of furniture I think I’ll get is a bed – to replace the twin I have now. I’m too tall for a twin really; my feet have a knack for sticking off the end which is annoying! At home I had a queen, which is what I’ll most likely get

So, I’ve got a ton of stuff. Thanks to my mom I have a pretty complete set of everything I’ll need in the kitchen; from pots and pans to utensils and plates.
I just need to get the food!

Thanks to everybody that helped me move out – and a big thanks to my parents for helping me get to the point where I could move out!

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