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Update: Busy Times

More of an update on my life right now than I normally give, but here you go:

I get the keys to my own place tomorrow (Thursday) after work. I’ll start moving in then and over the weekend. I have to work on Saturday for a bit so that time is cut short a bit. Looks like the big items (including my twin bed) won’t get moved until Saturday evening or Sunday sometime.

Starting on Tuesday I’ve been getting a lot of mail. From auto body repair shops and even more from ‘personal injury lawyers’ looking to cash in on my car accident from last Friday that was in the weekend’s police reports in the local paper.
The auto body mailers have been short one page ‘ads’ more or less.
The Lawyers on the other hand send much larger professorial details all the cash I could get with their help. Scavengers.

The Insurance regulator saw my car today, we should hear back from him on Friday if they are either going to try to repair my car or officially total it.

I need new auto insurance also, as I’m now going to be living on my own and I will not fall under my parents’ current plan I am covered under. So that’s higher expense for me than before.

On a note unrelated to me, Congrats to my cousin Paul out in Colorado on his engagement. Guess I’ll finally get to visit!!

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