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Week in review.

Church in the morning followed by a choir concert that evening. Great time, was great to be able to see a friend sing as well!

Attended a ‘Bible Study’. I use the term ‘Bible Study’ loosely on this one as while they do say it is one and they do read from the Bible… it’s not really a study of anything that drew me in. I guess the side chatter of football (and other sports), “my marriage sucked… I got divorced”, and not really getting anywhere ‘deep’ sort of killed it for me. I think I could have some friends in the people that attended – but I don’t believe I could really ever get anything out of it unless their were some big changes in how things are run, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Tuesday, Wednesday
A blur

Changing address is fun. Especially when it results with what occurred on Friday…

So today I found out that one of my accounts with money in it was frozen on Thursday afternoon.
So to solve this issue I need to send them, and this list is great…
A copy of my social security card and drivers license with current address (got one… but not one with this address on it) on it. A W-2 or property tax statement stating my address (I have neither with my new address), and some other federal form I’d never heard of before.
So… after a few emails and a phone conversation and a guess on my part that it was an ‘address issue’ (They wouldn’t tell me what the original problem even was!) they backed down and only require that I send in a copy of my social security card and a “Government issued photo ID with current address” – a drivers license.
So, Friday after work I get to the DMV to get a new drivers license with my new address on it.
Awesome. I just love to spend my time at the DMV…

I get in line to get in line again at the Appleton DMV, and the clerk tells me that in the state of Wisconsin you only need proof of address when you first get your license. After that all you have to do is pay $4 and fill out a form to get a new address put on it. You don’t need to prove you live at that address (or even in the state!) at all. “You could put down you live in timbuktu and we’d take it” He said.
I think to myself, wow – great security, no wonder identify theft is so easy! For $4 I can live anywhere in the state and have a ‘government issued ID’ that proves it! All the more reason I actually like the idea of a single national ID system.

So here I am, finally next in line to get my photo taken for the new card and the guy in front of me is, well – an idiot. Sorry, no other way to say it.
First off, he can’t spell his name right. The clerk has him rewrite his name 3 times before he spells it right. Then she goes to take the photo. She has to take it 3 times because he keeps closing his eyes. I’m not going to even try to say the other things he did that just prove the ‘idiot’ name I called him here.
Honestly, the fact that this guy has a valid driver’s license scares me.

So I have a new shiny driver’s license now, one that doesn’t say “Under 21 until…” in bold red letters across the top too. That’s sort of nice.
So on Monday I’ll have to photocopy the two ID forms and fax them away to get my account unfrozen in “3 to 5 business days”.

Friday Evening
Ahhhh… The weekend!
Time to find something to do!

Overdue update

So its’ been about 2 months working now. I like it.
I get to put out fires pretty regularly on the job, dealing with issues and problems when needed.
At the same time I’ve got the foresight to see some of the issues and problems that will be coming – and being proactive to fix/avoid them!

Starting to get more involved around here back in the Fox Cities, while still talking to the friends that will be going back to UW-P in a few months. I think about my birthday is when it’ll really sink in that college is over for me.

At the same time I’m picking up the pace at work and getting noticed (for good things)! I had one manager remark today that I should mention to the co-worker I replaced that I can do the reports he used to do (thanks to some macros I made in Excel) in a quarter of the time, “Rub it in a little”.
I’m improving upon a few tools that we use day in and day out as well, with positive results from the entire factory.
Even went to work at 4:30am yesterday to say hi to the 3rd shift people and see if they had any concerns that I might be able to address. To make it even better my boss came in extra early for the same reason – so he saw me at work when he arrived at 5am. Talk about nice timing!

Things are going well, really well.


So, It was defiantly a Monday today – but not for me!

My boss is on vacation, so are 2 of the 3 others that are ‘equal level’ with myself. As a result I and one other co-worker are pretty much in charge this week. Granted she’s the one in the know – and she’s got everybody else in the factory as a subordinate (I don’t have any subordinates – and that’s great right now!).

So after a few meetings this morning with the pricing guys because we are redoing our quoting model the entire build’s network crashed.
And wow does work come to a stop when that happens!
Our machines can’t even run when the network is down – and I was working on reports and computer stuff. My computer was worthless with the network down.
After about 2 hours of this stuff I decided to call it a somewhat early day and take off. No point in staying around and doing a lot of nothing.
It wasn’t a Monday for me – but somebody in the IT department was defiantly having a Monday!


Went to the Appleton Alliance Church on Sunday. Wow – that place is huge. I really liked it though, but I do miss having friends at church with me or just meeting them their.


Spent some time last night at High Cliff State Park with a friend from college and their family. Seems that she’s been with her family on vacation for the last 2 weeks straight and High Cliff was the last destination for them before going home. She saw a sign somewhere that said “Neenah 10 miles” and remembered that I lived in Neenah so she called me up. Defiantly had some fun with them last night. She wanted to see my new apartment so we took off for a little bit and drove the 20 minutes back to my place and then a bit later I drove her back to High Cliff.

I think she wanted to get away from her family for an hour really, after 2 weeks with them in a trailer after driving to Florida and back I think I’d be getting a little crazy too!
Always nice to see a friendly face and hear a friendly voice.

So I’ve got 3 days of vacation left and I haven’t any plans.
I’d like to see some fireworks here – and on Friday after work I’m ‘supposed to’ go to summerfest with a friend. I know a few of the bands that will be there that night, but I don’t know yet.

I guess I’d like some other people I know to be going with me if I went because I know I’d be the 5th wheel if I went the way things are now – and that would suck.

Well, time to get to my book or whoever gives me a call and wants to do something today!