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So, It was defiantly a Monday today – but not for me!

My boss is on vacation, so are 2 of the 3 others that are ‘equal level’ with myself. As a result I and one other co-worker are pretty much in charge this week. Granted she’s the one in the know – and she’s got everybody else in the factory as a subordinate (I don’t have any subordinates – and that’s great right now!).

So after a few meetings this morning with the pricing guys because we are redoing our quoting model the entire build’s network crashed.
And wow does work come to a stop when that happens!
Our machines can’t even run when the network is down – and I was working on reports and computer stuff. My computer was worthless with the network down.
After about 2 hours of this stuff I decided to call it a somewhat early day and take off. No point in staying around and doing a lot of nothing.
It wasn’t a Monday for me – but somebody in the IT department was defiantly having a Monday!


Went to the Appleton Alliance Church on Sunday. Wow – that place is huge. I really liked it though, but I do miss having friends at church with me or just meeting them their.

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