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Overdue update

So its’ been about 2 months working now. I like it.
I get to put out fires pretty regularly on the job, dealing with issues and problems when needed.
At the same time I’ve got the foresight to see some of the issues and problems that will be coming – and being proactive to fix/avoid them!

Starting to get more involved around here back in the Fox Cities, while still talking to the friends that will be going back to UW-P in a few months. I think about my birthday is when it’ll really sink in that college is over for me.

At the same time I’m picking up the pace at work and getting noticed (for good things)! I had one manager remark today that I should mention to the co-worker I replaced that I can do the reports he used to do (thanks to some macros I made in Excel) in a quarter of the time, “Rub it in a little”.
I’m improving upon a few tools that we use day in and day out as well, with positive results from the entire factory.
Even went to work at 4:30am yesterday to say hi to the 3rd shift people and see if they had any concerns that I might be able to address. To make it even better my boss came in extra early for the same reason – so he saw me at work when he arrived at 5am. Talk about nice timing!

Things are going well, really well.

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