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Spent some time last night at High Cliff State Park with a friend from college and their family. Seems that she’s been with her family on vacation for the last 2 weeks straight and High Cliff was the last destination for them before going home. She saw a sign somewhere that said “Neenah 10 miles” and remembered that I lived in Neenah so she called me up. Defiantly had some fun with them last night. She wanted to see my new apartment so we took off for a little bit and drove the 20 minutes back to my place and then a bit later I drove her back to High Cliff.

I think she wanted to get away from her family for an hour really, after 2 weeks with them in a trailer after driving to Florida and back I think I’d be getting a little crazy too!
Always nice to see a friendly face and hear a friendly voice.

So I’ve got 3 days of vacation left and I haven’t any plans.
I’d like to see some fireworks here – and on Friday after work I’m ‘supposed to’ go to summerfest with a friend. I know a few of the bands that will be there that night, but I don’t know yet.

I guess I’d like some other people I know to be going with me if I went because I know I’d be the 5th wheel if I went the way things are now – and that would suck.

Well, time to get to my book or whoever gives me a call and wants to do something today!

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