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Can’t fall asleep, so here I am wide awake wishing I could fall asleep.

This morning one of our two Golden Retrievers, Riley, was put to sleep.
He was deaf, nearly blind, and could hardly walk – much less run – unless food was involved.
But he never yelped, whimpered, or showed any sign that he was ever in pain.
He was always wagging his tail and playful. Only wanted to be petted, to be around one of us, he was an incredible dog.

I was in 4th or 5th grade when we brought him home as a puppy. Now I’m a college graduate.
I haven’t really been at home much in the last 2 years really, between 2 years and a summer at college. Riley was always at the door to greet me when I came home. Practically tackling me the first few times I came home from college 4 and 5 years ago.
Now, well – I’m going to miss him.

Shiloh, our other dog, seems to be lost without his buddy at home, looking all around for Riley. He hasn’t barked all day my mom said. Just some growls at things he normally barks at. Tonight Shiloh sleeps alone in his room, the first time in about 7 years for him. He misses him too.

It’s not like it was sudden or anything, we all sort of knew it was coming. Even then it doesn’t really prepare you.
My dad took him to the vet this morning.
He said that Riley seemed to know this was it.

I remember taking him for walks, sleeping in a tent, playing, growing up – together.
The first time he went in the pool (because he didn’t stop in time after chasing me and pretty much ‘fell in’), the day we brought him home.

Riley – you will be missed.

Friendships, bowling, & Hit Counts

What a weekend – and it’s only Saturday!!
I went bowling last night. 6 games in all and my legs feel it today! Bowled the best game ever so far as well with a score of 140 …or was it 147? Oh well. It was a great game for me!! Went with 2 friends and had a blast doing it. Cost us $7 to get in and it was $0.25 a game… and $1.50 for a pitcher of soda. I think we should have stopped at the second pitcher of Mt. Dew though. Game 6 after the 3rd pitcher wasn’t very cool as my stomach was feeling it!
At least it calmed down on the ride home about midnight. Spent a few more hours hanging out and talking with one of the 2 girls, the other we dropped off on the way to my place.
We talked about ‘us’ for quite a while, and I’ve never felt so relaxed and open before with somebody my age that I’m (highly) interested in – ever. It seems so natural, so perfect – too perfect (And no, I’m not going to complain about that!!!).

The more I learn about her the more I want to know. The more she tells, the more I tell, the more we open up with one another. I’ve never had things happen quite like this before in any relationship of mine – then again I’ve never spent this much time with a girl this tall either!
I’ve also never been around a girl that has the belief, faith, and actions to support it that she does. That alone makes everything different in an incredibly awesome way. A way that I now understand why it is ‘a rule’, not a suggestion. It changes everything… It is everything!

Not sure what else to say, other than thanks.
I can hardly wait to see what happens next!

Felt the need to waste some time looking at my website’s traffic stats.
This last Tuesday I had 389 different people view my website, specifically the photos page.

Earlier this month one specific photo spiked at 351 views in one day
Found out why today –
Seems my page has been reported as a good one. “Bucket-loads of activity” according to the stumble upon page for it.

The last month has seen an average of 38 first time visitors per day to my site.
Anyhow, most are going to the photo’s page, as I expected!
That’s sort of cool.
And odd at the same time, mainly becase about 8% of the total traffic to my site (~3 a day) also view this journal. It just feels a little odd for me to be putting some of stuff out in the open for everybody to see considering how ‘private’ of a guy I used to be – and in some ways still am.

What a weekend!

Saturday morning was mainly running errands and other stuff that I needed to get done, but Saturday night was awesome. I planned somewhat of a surprise for somebody.
The plan was to head out to High Cliff State Park, easy enough to do and watch the sunset. No issues with that – but the cool part was after that.
The yearly meteor shower on August 11-12th peaked last night.

So after sundown we laid down on a blanket and just watched the sky for about 4 hours. That was incredible.
Unfortunately our view was blocked by a few clouds at times and local lights, but we did see about a dozen super bright falling stars.
The best part of the evening wasn’t just the stars – it was the talking that went with the time.
Ended up getting back to my place at about 1am or so and promptly falling asleep!

Got a few itchy bug bits though, going to have to do something about those tomorrow I think!

Sunday morning was church, as usual.
Sunday afternoon was nice too, but because I’m not sure who reads this I can’t really post the big thing I helped out with today until the surprise gift is given away. Wouldn’t want to give it away! Should be able to post later this week.

Have a great week everybody!

A busy week

Well, I’ve defiantly settled into a routine. It’s sort of odd, after all the years in school to see me now living in the world I’d spent so many years in school preparing for.
I get up each morning at about the same time, I fall asleep each night at about the same time.
It’s …strange.

Well, hanging around with a the person I’ve been hanging around with is a great way to get yourself volunteered for something I discovered. I’ve been ‘asked’ (well, I was ‘volunteered’ for it.) to either help with AWANA on Tuesday nights or with watching kids in ‘Discovery Land’ at church during one of the 3 services on Sundays.
I think I’m going to pick one of the 2 up – but I don’t know which one.

So, what else is going on… well, meeting new people and making new friends here in the Fox Cities. Spending a lot of time talking with people my age that I can talk to is great. I guess I missed the friendships where people talked to one another so much the last year or so. People I can talk to about just about anything too. Press the important questions, the deep questions, the life directing and changing kinds. The ones that really make you think.
Who knows, I might have somebody in my life now that I can ask these questions too again. Something that I’ve been missing for a long time. Something I’m happy to have back again.

Back to the state ID address change with no proof from the last entry.
Apparently if your last name is changed (like in Marriage for most women) you just tell the DMV that and for $4 they’ll make you a new ID.
And just like the address they don’t require any proof.
So, you can live anywhere in the state with any last name you want for only $4! Identity theft is cheap!
Found that out from a ‘just married’ co-worker who thought the same thing I did with the address issue.