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A busy week

Well, I’ve defiantly settled into a routine. It’s sort of odd, after all the years in school to see me now living in the world I’d spent so many years in school preparing for.
I get up each morning at about the same time, I fall asleep each night at about the same time.
It’s …strange.

Well, hanging around with a the person I’ve been hanging around with is a great way to get yourself volunteered for something I discovered. I’ve been ‘asked’ (well, I was ‘volunteered’ for it.) to either help with AWANA on Tuesday nights or with watching kids in ‘Discovery Land’ at church during one of the 3 services on Sundays.
I think I’m going to pick one of the 2 up – but I don’t know which one.

So, what else is going on… well, meeting new people and making new friends here in the Fox Cities. Spending a lot of time talking with people my age that I can talk to is great. I guess I missed the friendships where people talked to one another so much the last year or so. People I can talk to about just about anything too. Press the important questions, the deep questions, the life directing and changing kinds. The ones that really make you think.
Who knows, I might have somebody in my life now that I can ask these questions too again. Something that I’ve been missing for a long time. Something I’m happy to have back again.

Back to the state ID address change with no proof from the last entry.
Apparently if your last name is changed (like in Marriage for most women) you just tell the DMV that and for $4 they’ll make you a new ID.
And just like the address they don’t require any proof.
So, you can live anywhere in the state with any last name you want for only $4! Identity theft is cheap!
Found that out from a ‘just married’ co-worker who thought the same thing I did with the address issue.

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