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Friendships, bowling, & Hit Counts

What a weekend – and it’s only Saturday!!
I went bowling last night. 6 games in all and my legs feel it today! Bowled the best game ever so far as well with a score of 140 …or was it 147? Oh well. It was a great game for me!! Went with 2 friends and had a blast doing it. Cost us $7 to get in and it was $0.25 a game… and $1.50 for a pitcher of soda. I think we should have stopped at the second pitcher of Mt. Dew though. Game 6 after the 3rd pitcher wasn’t very cool as my stomach was feeling it!
At least it calmed down on the ride home about midnight. Spent a few more hours hanging out and talking with one of the 2 girls, the other we dropped off on the way to my place.
We talked about ‘us’ for quite a while, and I’ve never felt so relaxed and open before with somebody my age that I’m (highly) interested in – ever. It seems so natural, so perfect – too perfect (And no, I’m not going to complain about that!!!).

The more I learn about her the more I want to know. The more she tells, the more I tell, the more we open up with one another. I’ve never had things happen quite like this before in any relationship of mine – then again I’ve never spent this much time with a girl this tall either!
I’ve also never been around a girl that has the belief, faith, and actions to support it that she does. That alone makes everything different in an incredibly awesome way. A way that I now understand why it is ‘a rule’, not a suggestion. It changes everything… It is everything!

Not sure what else to say, other than thanks.
I can hardly wait to see what happens next!

Felt the need to waste some time looking at my website’s traffic stats.
This last Tuesday I had 389 different people view my website, specifically the photos page.

Earlier this month one specific photo spiked at 351 views in one day
Found out why today –
Seems my page has been reported as a good one. “Bucket-loads of activity” according to the stumble upon page for it.

The last month has seen an average of 38 first time visitors per day to my site.
Anyhow, most are going to the photo’s page, as I expected!
That’s sort of cool.
And odd at the same time, mainly becase about 8% of the total traffic to my site (~3 a day) also view this journal. It just feels a little odd for me to be putting some of stuff out in the open for everybody to see considering how ‘private’ of a guy I used to be – and in some ways still am.

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