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Can’t fall asleep, so here I am wide awake wishing I could fall asleep.

This morning one of our two Golden Retrievers, Riley, was put to sleep.
He was deaf, nearly blind, and could hardly walk – much less run – unless food was involved.
But he never yelped, whimpered, or showed any sign that he was ever in pain.
He was always wagging his tail and playful. Only wanted to be petted, to be around one of us, he was an incredible dog.

I was in 4th or 5th grade when we brought him home as a puppy. Now I’m a college graduate.
I haven’t really been at home much in the last 2 years really, between 2 years and a summer at college. Riley was always at the door to greet me when I came home. Practically tackling me the first few times I came home from college 4 and 5 years ago.
Now, well – I’m going to miss him.

Shiloh, our other dog, seems to be lost without his buddy at home, looking all around for Riley. He hasn’t barked all day my mom said. Just some growls at things he normally barks at. Tonight Shiloh sleeps alone in his room, the first time in about 7 years for him. He misses him too.

It’s not like it was sudden or anything, we all sort of knew it was coming. Even then it doesn’t really prepare you.
My dad took him to the vet this morning.
He said that Riley seemed to know this was it.

I remember taking him for walks, sleeping in a tent, playing, growing up – together.
The first time he went in the pool (because he didn’t stop in time after chasing me and pretty much ‘fell in’), the day we brought him home.

Riley – you will be missed.

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