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What a weekend!

Saturday morning was mainly running errands and other stuff that I needed to get done, but Saturday night was awesome. I planned somewhat of a surprise for somebody.
The plan was to head out to High Cliff State Park, easy enough to do and watch the sunset. No issues with that – but the cool part was after that.
The yearly meteor shower on August 11-12th peaked last night.

So after sundown we laid down on a blanket and just watched the sky for about 4 hours. That was incredible.
Unfortunately our view was blocked by a few clouds at times and local lights, but we did see about a dozen super bright falling stars.
The best part of the evening wasn’t just the stars – it was the talking that went with the time.
Ended up getting back to my place at about 1am or so and promptly falling asleep!

Got a few itchy bug bits though, going to have to do something about those tomorrow I think!

Sunday morning was church, as usual.
Sunday afternoon was nice too, but because I’m not sure who reads this I can’t really post the big thing I helped out with today until the surprise gift is given away. Wouldn’t want to give it away! Should be able to post later this week.

Have a great week everybody!

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