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Best Weekend Ever

Friday afternoon I spent some money. I made my first ‘big ticket want item’ and bought a very nice 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround sound system and receiver for my TV. (Problem now is that my speaker system cost about 4 or 5 times my TV… I’m going to need a better TV…)
Hooked that up with Angie helping and me getting confused with all the wires – and my usual ‘try it before I read how to do it’ tendency (It’s that a general male trait?). After dinner my little sister came over and we took off to go bowling.
I got destroyed bowling.
Both Angie and Mary did better than I, was defiantly not a repeat of my 140+ game from 2 weeks ago!!

Saturday Angie and I headed north to door county. We went to Cave Point County Park and Whitefish Dunes State Park.
Cave point was beautiful, I’d never been their before. Only reason we went was because Angie saw the sign – and had heard about it at work. Anyhow, somebody was having a wedding that afternoon their and everything for that was set up. They couldn’t have picked a better day! The park overlooks Lake Michigan on a small cliff face about 5 to 10 feet high – but the waves have cut into the cliffs in beautiful ways. I’ll try to get some photos up here soon!

After Cave point was Whitefish Dunes, with its 3 or 4 mile long beach. Water was cold so we only wadded in a bit but the waves got us anyhow. Was just relaxing lying out on the beach and talking – and chasing off the crowds of seagulls that kept looking at us funny…
Drive home was nice, and we were treated to a spectacular sunset as well just outside of Sturgeon Bay.

Monday (Labor Day) Angie met my parents – and it was great.

Well, time to get going. I need some sleep!!

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