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Last 2 weeks

Where to begin!
The last 2 weeks have been a blur – as usual lately!

The Wednesday after Labor Day I was on a plane headed for Colorado to a cousins wedding.
Spent a day in Colorado Springs to see the sights, including Pikes Peak – from the peak at 14,117 ft, Garden of the Gods (odd rock formations), and a few other smaller side items it was a full day. “America the Beautiful” was inspires from the top of this mountain I might add – and I can easily understand why now!!

After that we all headed to ‘Peaceful Valley Ranch’up in the mountains about 2 hours to the North West. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.
On Friday morning we all drove about a half hour and went into the Rocky Mountain National Park.
…wow. That’s about all I can say. Words don’t really describe it.
We took the rental van up to 12,156 feet on the highest continually paved road in the United States (The van sure liked that…). The view was incredible.
Friday evening the wedding at a small little chapel that fit about 60 people back at the ranch.
The chapel required a ‘short’ drive to get to. In a 4×4… up a *very* bumpy road (my head hit the roof of the car more than once…)… to the chapel which overlooked the centennial divide… at sunset.
It was beautiful.

Saturday was spent bumming around at the local resort town shopping mainly, and Sunday morning I was back in Denver on a plane back home.

Monday I played catch up at work as I had taken 3 days of vacation
Tuesday… I can’t remember. I know I fixed my computer sometime in here, so I’ll say I did that on Tuesday.
Wednesday … Spent the evening with Angie celebrating my birthday one day early.
Thursday… Birthday, 24 years young! Had dinner with my dad at a newer local Mexican place, was really good! I went pack to my place and Angie was waiting for me. Seems she had been waiting for about an hour for me to get back – and I didn’t get her calls on my cell because my cell stinks. Anyhow – That was really really kind of her to wait for me that long when she couldn’t get a hold of me.
Friday – Eve of Destruction at Wisconsin International Raceway. A night of destruction, figure-8 races in buses, car with trailers, cars, ‘football’ with a 2 ton former propane tank filled with sand by 8 cars… jet cars, and fireworks to top it off.

Saturday morning at 6am I was at church for ‘Top Gun I’, I can’t make the Monday night ones due to another obligation so this was my answer. Going to be an interesting 34 weeks. One of the coolest things though is that Angie’s brother is also doing it – so he’s going to get to know me pretty well in the near future – and I’m going to get to know him too.
Saturday Evening Angie made me dinner as a gift for my birthday, it was really great. I covered dessert by making some brownies and providing the ice cream!

Sunday was church (of course) and lunch with Angie afterward and one of her cousins.
Got in connections for Tuesday Nights at AWANA today as well. Excited to start up with that this week too

I’m hoping to find the time to get some photo’s up here on the site, I’m working on a way to get them hear without so much fuss – as right now it takes a while for every photo I put online… I’d like it to be a lot faster!!

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