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Top 10 reasons why I didn’t post

OK, update time. Long overdue. Way to much going on that I haven’t put here… I have no excuse. So he’s a 30 second update that leaves way to much in the “when did that happen” category. The honest answer – I may not even know myself.

The top 10 happenings since my last entry:

2. On march 30th I’ll own a home.
1. I’m getting Married on June 30th

OK, only the 2 are the really big ones – the rest of the 10 are nothing more than stuff related to the top 2. Things like figuring out how to pay for all of this, time to get it all in.

The 2 of us have so much stuff going on we simply don’t have time for anything else really, and this coming week should see the end of ‘Buying a house’ chapter – at least on paper when it comes to the offer. The Home inspection was yesterday and a few minor issues were found but that was it. Now we’re down to figuring out what to do on that – by Monday evening when our response is due to the current owner (who is a pretty nice guy I might add).

After that we’re down to ‘smaller stuff’ – the hundreds of details related to the wedding and the house…
The showers our families want, the house warming party that some people would like us to have, choosing the groomsmen (which my family won’t stop pestering me about and it’s driving me crazy), moving into and doing any work if needed on the house (which is also driving me nuts as some people simply won’t stop giving me ‘advice’ about what I ‘need’ to change/fix/improve/repair/demand-of-current-owner/ect).

Just so much going on – and trying to stay some what sane the whole time.
Te vast majority of the stress related to everything isn’t coming from the 2 of us! It’s coming from our families and what they want [us to do]. I think sometimes they should be reminded that they really need to back off and let us be us, that they need to trust us that we do know what’s going on and we’re going to be alright – after all, it’s our lives together.