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So I’m a homeowner now.
Thats still sinking in…

And I’m sick.
Managed to wake up with a sore throat on Friday morning and a fever, so if this is still around come Monday I might go in and get checked for Strep. Hurts to sallow and the fever isn’t bad – it’s just the sudden ‘dang I’m cold’… to ‘I’m really warm’ thats annoying. First time in years I wanted to wear a sweatshirt was last night!
No real headache or stomachache though, which is a good thing!

So back to the house-
Angie moved in this weekend, with the help of a bunch of her family. She said she was moving and gave a time and a place, it was like a convoy showed up. I think at one point we had 8 or 9 people actually helping to move, in addition to some people that where just ‘around’ (like her Grandma and mom, a cousin and one of her kids).
It was pretty cool to see that help.
I even had a buddy that works for the Verlo mattress company offer the potential use of the Verlo truck!
My parents volunteered to help move today – but everything is already moved! Well, my apartment is still full, but I’m still going to be living here for the next 3 months, so I’ve got 3 months to move a box at a time. I’ll end up needing a truck one day to move a few larger items (bed, bookcases, desk, etc) but thats a few months down the road.

So I’ve also started to fix things I didn’t like or minor things that bug me – like loose hinges and handles on any cupboards or drawers. I fixed the massive 40 inch back door yesterday so it stopped rubbing on the threshold when you closed it (You had to kick it, more or less, to get it closed). That’s a nice fix – and Angie loves that. Made locking it a lot easier!
Got some things in the basement that need to be fixed or taken down… the previous homeowner had some shelves hung from the basement ceiling that flat out scare me because they wobble so much – and they are already falling apart!
I need a can of white spray paint, a bunch of outlet covers (seems somebody painted a while back and left them on…), goo-gone…
And the list goes on – now I’ve got plenty of stuff to do in a house.
Plenty of stuff to keep me busy.

Don’t know exactly how I feel about it yet, being a homeowner. I guess it’ll take some time to get use to that fact! Not to mention the fact that I’ll soon be married and living in the house with my wife in 90 days!

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