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2 weeks to go.

2 weeks from right now I’ll be at my wedding reception. I really can’t wait for all of this planning stuff to be over. Between parents and phone calls and everything else I’m ready to not have to worry about anything anymore!

Seems both my future wife and I managed to make my parents mad the other day when we met with both sets of parents and the Reception Hall to discus the menu and drinks. When the topic of a Champaign Toast came up seems to be where the incident occurred.
Neither my soon-to-be wife or I drink much at all, and neither of us like wine or Champaign. Heck, I have that ‘ewww’ reflex whenever I have any of the stuff – I even get that when I drink beer now and then.
So apparently when I said that we didn’t like Champaign to my parents, and she said “I can choke it down I guess” (or something like that anyhow) we didn’t score any points.
Only reason I know this is because I talked with my 22 year old sister today and she mentioned how ‘rude’ we were to my parents during this meeting (which, because she wasn’t their also means my parents have been complaining about it at home…).
So I don’t know what’s going on with the silly toast.

Just another thing in the long list of stuff my parents have done lately that’s getting on my nerves.
I don’t know, I guess part of me is passing it off as ‘I’m the first one to leave (ie – graduate from college, move out, get married, etc) and their having issues figuring out that I’m no longer looking to them for everything’.
Asking for advice is not an open door to plan something – or call others on my/our behalf.

Anyhow – another fun topic. Figuring out all of these bills that I have – like car insurance.
So for the first time ever I actually saw my car insurance bill last week (and yes, I’ve been driving for 8 years now…). My parents took out the policy and just had me pay them the last 8 years while I was in High School and College.
So my car insurance was $112.46 a month. Granted the converge has lots of zeros in it but dang, that’s a big monthly bill – the 3rd biggest one we have (after the house and gas/electricity).
That means that over the last 8 years I’ve paid out almost $11,000 in car insurance (assuming that same rate) – and I have a perfect driving record. whoa.
The policy expires later this month (nice timing isn’t it?) so we called around a bit this time knowing that this time it was our choice where and for how much I will be paying.
So when paired with the same place that is covering the house and her car… $47 a month – and they call back (within hours even!)!
Now, what am I going to do with the extra $65 a month…

14 days left…
14 days left…
14 days left…

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