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Death and dying: When is it time to let go?

For the article that spawned this, click here.

A few quotes stood out to me,
“Our technology is ahead of our morals,” said Washington Hospital Center medical director John Lynch. “From an ethical point of view, we haven’t learned when to use our technology.

And these 2 sets-

“The two biggest manipulation tools that patients and family use are God and lawyers,” said Nneka Mokwunye, director of the Center for Ethics at the Washington Hospital Center.
“They know that lawyers scare the bejesus out of doctors,” she said, “and if the lawyers don’t scare them, God will. If somebody says you must keep my loved one alive until God performs a miracle, they don’t know how to respond to that.”

My opinion, as should be that of all Christians, is that death is only the beginning.
I think, generally, that people who use God in the case quoted above truly don’t understand the miracle at hand, or God for that matter.
God gave that person life and God is now taking it away. For a Christian it’s time to go home, while a family suffers for a short time, that individual is with God! What a joyous end!

As far as layers, well – I think we’re way too ‘sue happy’ in todays world, and in cases where doctors are pushing the envelope into keeping someone alive that for all rights shouldn’t be it’s an ethical issue I don’t want to get into!


Fridays at work have to be one of the best days of the week.

I got ambushed by my Program Director this morning just before lunch, They want me to finish up a quote for a potential addition to our production line.
So long story short;
We have a guy out at the customer site pushing us to do this at our facility (he works for us, not the customer).
The customer already does this process
Our guy see it done every day.
I get a 3 year old copy of outdated instructions on ‘how’ to do a process I’ve never seen.
I’m supposed to come up with time standards.
Give the guy at the customer location a stop watch!

So needless to say I wasn’t all that happy when apparently I was taking the blame for the delay in the quote. So here I am with some people displeased at me for holding up a quote while I’m displeased about the apparent lack of intelligent information coming from the guy thats pushing us to get this done – the same guy that sees this process done every day.

The temptation to show some very non-Christian responses was huge.

So I did what I could after lunch, I took some guesses, made a long list of assumptions and estimated the time we’ll need.
Thank God it’s Friday and I’ve got the weekend to cool off and relax.

I expect to hear back mid week from our guy, “How can it take us that long? They can do that in X seconds out here”.
…Didn’t I say we should give him a stopwatch before?


Last fall I started help[ing with the AWANA program at my church. Volunteering my time with the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth graders.
I help out with the “game time”, basically a 20 minute period where we play some simple game that appeals to the kids. I never really thought of myself in that sort of a role, but now that we haven’t been having AWANA (summer vacation) I’m reallying missing it!

The best part of the whole thing is that I’m also learning the same Bible verses the kids are, as I never really had a chance to learn them growing up. Reality is that most of these kids can quote far more verses than I can, we even gave out awards to kids that knew and have quoted 150+ bible verses. I think that’s amazing! I’m slowly memorizing various verses, not to mention trying to actually read the Bible cover to cover.
It’s not like I haven’t read a book that long before, the Lord of the Rings Triolgy I’ve read 2 or 3 times completely and thats got to add up to the size of the Bible… Or the entire Sci-fi Foundation series, thats about 15 books now I think.

I guess the most important part is setting up a time every day and only reading a little bit, the Bible isn’t something I can sit down and read for hours at a time. You need time to digest what you’ve read.
On that note, I think I have some reading to do.

Married Life

So, I’ve been a little busy lately…

Anyhow – I’m married, finally, and it’s been almost a month now. Wow did that go by fast.

Work is keeping me busy even more so now, Today I started up a project that in less than an hour I created up a project plan of about 100 items that will need to be conquered. I’m not kidding. By this time tomorrow after I’ve discussed things with my boss I expect to have 150+ line items…

home life is still… well, something to get used too!
This weekend I finally get rid of my apartment, The landlord gets his keys back Monday morning. Pretty much everything is out now except kitchen stuff, pots, pans, plates – that sort of stuff. My wife (that’s weird writing that…)and I are going to head over tonight I think and take care of all/most of that stuff and clean this weekend I think.

Well, I’ve got some stuff to get done before she gets home tonight!

Workplace Shenanigans and Production Issues

Part of working in a cubical/production environment is of course the cubical shenanigans. For most people this is a rather harmless way to have some fun at work – and I’ll include myself in ‘most people’ here.

Part of going to work is having fun at work. Think about it, you spend at least 1/3rd of your day at work (assuming an 8 hour working day). I pray you are having some fun at work…

Shenanigans for me involve rubber bands and small items that can be thrown around without harm. it can be such a great way to help relieve tension in the workplace.
Today was one of those days, between some rather interesting things done overnight on 3rd shift to the errors in production made on first shift. Thinks that make you hang your head down and wonder how in the world someone could be so incompetent.
I have to sit back and remember that I don’t do their jobs day in and day out. I am in a position where their errors are part of my responsibility to solve or if possible eliminate from occurring again. Still, I have to wonder when a worker that has been doing the same job for years missing something so simple.

What is a Christian supposed to do in this case? Some jump to blame and reprimand the individual in question – and so did I at first – but nobody wanted to ask the worker what happened.
Maybe the worker knows the solution to the problem or it was an honest error, all we have to do is ask.

So, toss some rubber bands and/or have some fun at work – don’t let things get to serious or its to easy to lose sight of the good in the world around us.