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Death and dying: When is it time to let go?

For the article that spawned this, click here.

A few quotes stood out to me,
“Our technology is ahead of our morals,” said Washington Hospital Center medical director John Lynch. “From an ethical point of view, we haven’t learned when to use our technology.

And these 2 sets-

“The two biggest manipulation tools that patients and family use are God and lawyers,” said Nneka Mokwunye, director of the Center for Ethics at the Washington Hospital Center.
“They know that lawyers scare the bejesus out of doctors,” she said, “and if the lawyers don’t scare them, God will. If somebody says you must keep my loved one alive until God performs a miracle, they don’t know how to respond to that.”

My opinion, as should be that of all Christians, is that death is only the beginning.
I think, generally, that people who use God in the case quoted above truly don’t understand the miracle at hand, or God for that matter.
God gave that person life and God is now taking it away. For a Christian it’s time to go home, while a family suffers for a short time, that individual is with God! What a joyous end!

As far as layers, well – I think we’re way too ‘sue happy’ in todays world, and in cases where doctors are pushing the envelope into keeping someone alive that for all rights shouldn’t be it’s an ethical issue I don’t want to get into!

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