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Fridays at work have to be one of the best days of the week.

I got ambushed by my Program Director this morning just before lunch, They want me to finish up a quote for a potential addition to our production line.
So long story short;
We have a guy out at the customer site pushing us to do this at our facility (he works for us, not the customer).
The customer already does this process
Our guy see it done every day.
I get a 3 year old copy of outdated instructions on ‘how’ to do a process I’ve never seen.
I’m supposed to come up with time standards.
Give the guy at the customer location a stop watch!

So needless to say I wasn’t all that happy when apparently I was taking the blame for the delay in the quote. So here I am with some people displeased at me for holding up a quote while I’m displeased about the apparent lack of intelligent information coming from the guy thats pushing us to get this done – the same guy that sees this process done every day.

The temptation to show some very non-Christian responses was huge.

So I did what I could after lunch, I took some guesses, made a long list of assumptions and estimated the time we’ll need.
Thank God it’s Friday and I’ve got the weekend to cool off and relax.

I expect to hear back mid week from our guy, “How can it take us that long? They can do that in X seconds out here”.
…Didn’t I say we should give him a stopwatch before?

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