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Married Life

So, I’ve been a little busy lately…

Anyhow – I’m married, finally, and it’s been almost a month now. Wow did that go by fast.

Work is keeping me busy even more so now, Today I started up a project that in less than an hour I created up a project plan of about 100 items that will need to be conquered. I’m not kidding. By this time tomorrow after I’ve discussed things with my boss I expect to have 150+ line items…

home life is still… well, something to get used too!
This weekend I finally get rid of my apartment, The landlord gets his keys back Monday morning. Pretty much everything is out now except kitchen stuff, pots, pans, plates – that sort of stuff. My wife (that’s weird writing that…)and I are going to head over tonight I think and take care of all/most of that stuff and clean this weekend I think.

Well, I’ve got some stuff to get done before she gets home tonight!

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