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Workplace Shenanigans and Production Issues

Part of working in a cubical/production environment is of course the cubical shenanigans. For most people this is a rather harmless way to have some fun at work – and I’ll include myself in ‘most people’ here.

Part of going to work is having fun at work. Think about it, you spend at least 1/3rd of your day at work (assuming an 8 hour working day). I pray you are having some fun at work…

Shenanigans for me involve rubber bands and small items that can be thrown around without harm. it can be such a great way to help relieve tension in the workplace.
Today was one of those days, between some rather interesting things done overnight on 3rd shift to the errors in production made on first shift. Thinks that make you hang your head down and wonder how in the world someone could be so incompetent.
I have to sit back and remember that I don’t do their jobs day in and day out. I am in a position where their errors are part of my responsibility to solve or if possible eliminate from occurring again. Still, I have to wonder when a worker that has been doing the same job for years missing something so simple.

What is a Christian supposed to do in this case? Some jump to blame and reprimand the individual in question – and so did I at first – but nobody wanted to ask the worker what happened.
Maybe the worker knows the solution to the problem or it was an honest error, all we have to do is ask.

So, toss some rubber bands and/or have some fun at work – don’t let things get to serious or its to easy to lose sight of the good in the world around us.

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