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AP Survey: Americans switching faiths, dropping out

Found this one on today, turned out to be pretty much what I expected, read it here

Anyhow, a few highlights:

  • U.S. Religious Landscape Survey estimates the United States is 78 percent Christian
  • More than one-quarter of American adults have left the faith of their childhood for another religion or no religion at all, the survey found
  • One in four adults ages 18 to 29 claim no affiliation with a religious institution.
  • non-denominational churches are gaining
  • Roman Catholic Church has lost more members than any faith tradition because of affiliation swapping, the survey found. While nearly one in three Americans were raised Catholic, fewer than one in four say they’re Catholic today. That means roughly 10 percent of all Americans are ex-Catholics. The share of the population that identifies as Catholic, however, has remained fairly stable in recent decades thanks to an influx of immigrant Catholics, mostly from Latin America. Nearly half of all Catholics under 30 are Hispanic, the survey found.

So, basically – The Catholic Church is ‘losing’ it’s members at a pretty incredible rate with the Catholic immigrants offsetting quite a bit of the loss. Given the various and numerous scandles that rocked the American Roman Catholic Church over the last 10 years or so this really isn’t all that surprising. Additionally I believe that more and more people are starting to grow out of the ‘this is what I was told/taught/etc all my life’ mantra and starting to honestly look for – well, something from their perspective.

At the same time non-denominational churches are growing, which is interesting – and also expected. Mainstream churches simply have too much baggage it would seem, the [generally] smaller non-denominational churches generally have closer ties to its members and local community.

And becase I know you are all wondering-  who’s on the bottom?
The group with the worst retention is one of the fastest growing — Jehovah’s Witnesses. Only 37 percent of those raised in the sect known for door-to-door proselytizing said they remain members.
Maybe sending them door to door isn’t a great faith-building-member-keeping idea after all?

Zion National Park – Favorite Photo


This is the one, the waterfall at the Upper Emerald pools after the snowstorm from the night before. The sun was hitting the peaks and causing the snow to melt and it created this magnificent waterfall – which was also really cold.

New Blog (Site maybe?)

So the old blog was about as useful as …well – nothing. And the fact I hardly ever updated it didn’t help either.

So – here you go, a new site. I’m going to see about porting my posts from my old blog over, we’ll see how that goes…

Update: Wow – it worked! I found a nifty program online that was able to download every entry I ever made on the old journal and port it here. Seems I made 143 entries on the old journal.
On a side note, it seems that whiel I was able to move the posts – I was unable to move  any comments. Considering the age of most of the posts thats alright with me though.