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New Blog (Site maybe?)

So the old blog was about as useful as …well – nothing. And the fact I hardly ever updated it didn’t help either.

So – here you go, a new site. I’m going to see about porting my posts from my old blog over, we’ll see how that goes…

Update: Wow – it worked! I found a nifty program online that was able to download every entry I ever made on the old journal and port it here. Seems I made 143 entries on the old journal.
On a side note, it seems that whiel I was able to move the posts – I was unable to move  any comments. Considering the age of most of the posts thats alright with me though.

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One Comment

  1. Mark says:

    So the page width of 900 was bothering me. (mainly because any images I wanted to upload were too big to fit into the post area. So I expanded the site width by 200 pixels. Now everything fits. 🙂

    I started this page with a pre-built theme, but I’ve edited so much of the code now that it all seems pretty good… For today at least