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Time to move on… (Webhosts that is!)

Seems that everything moved to the new server alright, copying the database was the part that worried me and it appears to be working just fine…

Just killed the …/blog/ director and moved the entire new site into the main site. About time I officially killed off that off.
However, because the old ‘photos’ page has so many links to it and gets quite a bit of traffic It’s still here.
I’m going to have to deal with that one eventually – but the traffic it brings in is nice for the moment, I ‘fixed’ the links on it to come here now.


Just an FYI – is moving (servers). As a result the site may be ‘funky’ the next few days… Don’t expect anything new to be posted during the move. 🙂

So for the last 2, or is it 3 years, now I’ve hosted this website at

Simply put, I’m rather tired of:

  1. my site going down unexpectedly
  2. a non-functional billing system”Error 2. Incorect parameters. Please contact the support staff” every time I try to click on renew/upgrade/plan etc. They could at least spell ‘incorrect’ correctly… It’s really annoying now that I’ve seen it so many times.
  3. Poor service (I’ve complained before about that error at least 4 or 5 times, it takes them a week to get back to me)
  4. Poor server side services. Not that this means much to any of you, but this site is driven by a MYSQL database running php, css, and HTML. and a little java thrown in for fun. WordPress is a great open source tool! I can only have 1 MYSQL database – and it’ll max at 5mb in size. Why is that bad? simple – if I hit 5mb (and I will eventually) the site will stop working unless I remove old posts – and I don’t want to do that!
  5. I have 100mb of space. that’s it. I have a little USB thumb drive in my PC right now that is 2048mb – and it cost lessthan a one year plan from 100webspace.
  6. I get one email account,
  7. 3 sub domains. ( would go to a ‘test’ subdomain for example.

That said, I’m going to be moving my site to Hostgator in the coming days. Why?

  1. I get unlimited MYSQL databases
  2. Disk space available 614387.28Megabytes. Thats 600GB, a 6143% increase over 100webspace
  3. Unlimited email accounts for my site
  4. Unlimited sub-domains

Granted, the cost is higher – at $4.95/month ($60/year).
100webspace was $30/year …I think. I’d look but remember that error I mentioned above??

I hate that error – it’s going to make canceling my account with them require a phone call I think.
….Maybe thats why I get the error anyhow? So they have one last chance to convince me to stay with them? mmm…

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One Comment

  1. Mark says:

    mmm… Seems to have been moved over in a few hours… New (copied) database is up and running (that was what really worried me the most…)

    Now the fun part – trying to kill my 100webspace account…