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Tax Rebate – Money

So,  the US gov’t has decided to write [most] everyone a tax rebate check to help out the economy. Not going to get into the arguement of if that will actually help or not, but it took my wife and I about 2 minutes to figure up ways to spend it-

  1. Pay off part of my car
  2. Fill the gas tank of the 2 cars and lawn mower
  3. Pay off the vet bill.
  4. Replace the kitchen window (part of it is rotted out)
  5. Other windows (have 3 more to replace upstairs)
  6. Down payment on a new car for the wife
  7. Build the missing piece of the fence in the backyard
  8. Stain the deck
  9. Redo the bathroom
  10. Paint
  11. Pay off bills
  12. Extra mortgage payment
  13. Landscaping items
  14. Get an emergency batter backup sump pump
  15. Start putting a bathroom in the basement
  16. Start finishing off part of the basement
  17. Get a complete Lawn furniture set
  18. Pay off a large portion of the remaining education bills for my wife
  19. Vacation
  20. Charity
  21. Savings

In any case, we’ve got places for it to go…. wow.

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