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Another holiday, another headache

Today is Memorial Day – and thanks you to all the veterans that we hold in our memories today.

But onto the main topic… Holidays and my parents.
For the last 2 weeks or so my wife’s family has been making plans for the holiday as they normally do. Renting/reserving out a park pavilion, figuring out who is bringing what, etc – all sort of planning with over a weeks notice.

Yesterday (Sunday) we had plans to go out in the boat with my parents. Never mind that we would have had to skip church to do that. Anyhow the weather was bad so nothing happened. My wife and I had a great day relaxing around the house and just being able to sit down finally with everything else going on.

Fast forward to this morning-
I get a phone call from my mom at 11:03am. Seems we’re having a family get together at my parents house at 3pm. They want us to come. Spectacular notice isn’t it?

I tell my mom we’re going to be going to my wife’s family’s event which is at the same time.
I get an earful about how her family takes precedence and my mom is notably displeased.
Anyhow I pretty much get hung-up on.

How in the world does this work?

Her family has been preparing/planning and notifying for 2 weeks. They’ve reserved a park. We’ve even already made food to bring to the party.
My parents call and give us 4 hours notice – then try to make me feel bad by telling me that “her family takes precedence”, and to top it off, tell me that we haven’t seen X-Y-Z family members since Christmas.
My parents seem to believe that we have nothing else to do in our lives and that they can call us up and tell us to be anywhere they want in a few hours, or on whatever night of the week.

My wife and I have a life – and schedules and lives.
I’m sorry – but when somebody else has been planning a holiday event for 2 weeks a phone call the day of (and a few hours before an event) is not going to trump the planned event.

…Anyhow, now I’m all worked up and angry. Need to go relax.

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