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Tis the Season…

Well the Christmas seaons offically starts this coming week with Thanksgiving. Thanks the retail establishement for turning Christmas from a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus to a nearly month long retail shopping spree.

Not to mention the concept of Christmas lights. I’m assuming that the idea started as a safer alternative to candles… and at some point some retail/marketting genus thought, “hey, these things can go outside!”. And the rest of the story is history.
On the note of Christmas lights.. ours are up. I won’t light them until after Thanksgiving though. I did solve one issue I had with the lights last year however – Today I installed an electrical outlet on the front of the house. Drilling though our brick house to make a hole is somewhat of a scary concept, especially because it took 2 trips to the store to get a masonry drill bit long enough. Turns out I need a 13 inch bit to bunch through from the outside to the inside.. Anyhow – no more extension cords going from the back of the house to the front!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!