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2 different church views in one weekend

This weekend I attended the wedding of one of my cousins at a Catholic Church in Milwaukee on Saturday, the following day I attended Sunday services at the nondenominational Christian Elmbrook. In most aspects Elmbook is just about the same as Appleton Alliance Church – only larger.

The differences between the 2 (“Catholic” and “nondenominational Christian”) are incredible, being reminded of that fact is even more humbling. I grew up in the Catholic tradition and until college had no idea of anything but the Catholic tradition.

The first major item I noticed was that the Catholic church still has Jesus nailed to the cross. Front and center was a massive cross – with a Jesus body nailed to it.
Every non-Catholic church I’ve been in, that I can recall, just uses a plain cross. I’ll avoid any discussions on why, but it is a nice transition to the next major difference I observed-
The Catholic church lacked life! The towering walls of stone were dark and cold. The singing we garbled and mumbled. People simply followed along, everything was as it always has been – a routine. It seemed … dead.

The Christian church, on the other hand, was bright and vibrant. The singing was loud and impressive. People were happy to be there. The Pastor told a joke or two. The message was alive with reason and clear instruction – and application.  It was Alive!

I thought it was an interesting item to notice – that in one place it seemed dead, and indeed – Christ was still dead nailed to the cross.
In the other it was alive – and so was Jesus, as a body, was nowhere to be seen.

I’d rather be alive!

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