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Internet Feeds & Twitter

So I compiled a list of places I update somewhat often and placed them in the sidebar on the left under ‘activity’.

It’s supposed to show my facebook updates, twitter feed, and flickr updates whenever I do something. We’ll find out if the twitter intergration works when I post this!

Update: It appears that the feed works, but wordpress here isn’t updating it properly or something. Anyhow, I’ll take a second look later when I have some time.

Old computer parts

So I discovered the olders piece of computer hardware I still regularly use.
The DVD Drive on the backup/server PC in the basement.

Turns out it was made in 2000 and can not read burned DVD’s. Thats somwhat annoying, but it explains what I thought was a problem with a (much newer) DVD burner.
A 9 year old piece of computer equipment is pretty darn old. That means I bought it while I was still in high school…  I can get a new one for $15. I’m pretty sure I paid at least $70 for this when I got it…
Anyhow, it can’t read burned DVD’s. I’ll have to replace it at some point here.

I’m going to guess that the next oldest piece of computer hardware is my router – and that one is showing signs of age. It clonks out on big file transferes and ends up killing off your network connection. I’m going to have to get that replaced somewhat soon….

Long weekend!

A 3 day weekend! A well needed 3 day weekend!

Got today off with a pretty good start;

-Finished off at work a little early. Most people were out on vacation anyhow so it was pretty slow. Was able to get caught up on a lot of random work though as nobody was around to interrupt me.
-Got home and worked on the Pergola a bit more. Had to stain some more boards. Revised my plan to attach the cover, went from about $50 to $3 to attach it securely.  The cover arrive earlier this week. It goes up tomorrow!
-Helped push a stalled car out of the Northland/Mead 4 lane intersection. An elderly man and his wife stalled out during rush hour. He was able to call AAA, but physically unable to push a car. I pulled into a nearby parking lot and with help from some other people that also stopped we moved him into a packing lot nearby.
-Mowed the lawn (I think I’ve mowed it more this year already than I did all last year…)
-Cut down some branches on the pine tree that so low they were borderline hitting cars in the neighbors driveway if they were wet.

Going to be a busy 3 day weekend.




Entire project took us about 2 weeks to complete – and it looks fantastic on our deck now!

It’s a 14 by 16 foot pergola that makes out backyard look 10 times nicer already.

Now we’ll have to get started on the other yard related projects. 🙂