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Long weekend!

A 3 day weekend! A well needed 3 day weekend!

Got today off with a pretty good start;

-Finished off at work a little early. Most people were out on vacation anyhow so it was pretty slow. Was able to get caught up on a lot of random work though as nobody was around to interrupt me.
-Got home and worked on the Pergola a bit more. Had to stain some more boards. Revised my plan to attach the cover, went from about $50 to $3 to attach it securely.  The cover arrive earlier this week. It goes up tomorrow!
-Helped push a stalled car out of the Northland/Mead 4 lane intersection. An elderly man and his wife stalled out during rush hour. He was able to call AAA, but physically unable to push a car. I pulled into a nearby parking lot and with help from some other people that also stopped we moved him into a packing lot nearby.
-Mowed the lawn (I think I’ve mowed it more this year already than I did all last year…)
-Cut down some branches on the pine tree that so low they were borderline hitting cars in the neighbors driveway if they were wet.

Going to be a busy 3 day weekend.

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