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Old computer parts

So I discovered the olders piece of computer hardware I still regularly use.
The DVD Drive on the backup/server PC in the basement.

Turns out it was made in 2000 and can not read burned DVD’s. Thats somwhat annoying, but it explains what I thought was a problem with a (much newer) DVD burner.
A 9 year old piece of computer equipment is pretty darn old. That means I bought it while I was still in high school…  I can get a new one for $15. I’m pretty sure I paid at least $70 for this when I got it…
Anyhow, it can’t read burned DVD’s. I’ll have to replace it at some point here.

I’m going to guess that the next oldest piece of computer hardware is my router – and that one is showing signs of age. It clonks out on big file transferes and ends up killing off your network connection. I’m going to have to get that replaced somewhat soon….

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