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Toilet Adventure

Sunday – 9:30PM.
Angie notices the toilet has water around the bottom of it. Tells me.
I clean it up, go to basement and discover more water. I cut off the water supply and determine that every time we flush water leaks.
Root cause: Assumed that the wax seal is compromised, toilet is off limits until it’s fixed.

Monday – 6:30am.
We’ve been thinking about replacing that evil toilet (It’s evil, I have other stories) for over a year. We have to take the toilet completely off anyhow… why not replace it?
Decision made, we’re getting a new toilet tonight

Monday – 4:50pm
Toilet purchased. Hopes are high

Monday – 6pm
Old toilet is removed, bolt holding old toilet in place snaps off when I used my HAND to unscrew the nut. This is going to be a cake walk.

Monday – 6:30pm
Water supply line from the wall is dead center with the toilet’s hole. The new toilet hits the value coming out of the wall. I turn off the water to the house and remove the valve, toilet fits with 1in to spare. I need an elbow to turn the pipe 90 degress immediately out of the wall from the store.

Monday – 6:45 – first trip to the store.
Monday – 7:00 – Second trip
Monday – 8:00pm – after the third trip to the store I finally have the parts required. Water to the house is finally back on. Toilet install is going forward.

Monday – 8:30pm – Toilet (minus seat) is installed (That was cake to do). Turn on the water. No leaks we’re looking good.

Monday – 8:45pm – First flush. water leaks from the base again. The wax seal is not working. turning the water to the toliet off and calling it a day. Will attempt a fix tomorrow…

Update via IPod….

Testing the ability to post via my iPod Touch while I’m sitting in a hotel room in South Dakota. I’ll be posting lots of photos when I get home from the trip as well.
In the mean time, check out my Twitter feed! The main blog page list some of them in the upper left as well.