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Google Map Maker Regional Expert Reviewer

Seems I have a new non-Professional career related job related title I can add to a resume:

Google Map Maker Regional Expert Reviewer

Apparently I was noticed after 211 different edits, 52 reviews  and 42.2km worth of additions.


Really though – is that resume material under the ‘other activities’ or ‘other organizations’ section of a resume?


Christian Life and Witness Course

Tomorrow is the last day of the Billy Graham Evangelic Association’s Christian Life and Witness Course that I have been going to the last few weeks.
Its been very interesting to learn about how the Billy Graham organization breaks down the Gospel message using the bridge method (into 4 steps) that should be familiar to many Christians as it’s primary evangelistic method. Last week was a powerful and convicting 2 hour session of the bridge method.

The model is setup so that it can be explained in a solid form using about 2 or 3 key Bible verses for each of the 4 steps in less than 3 or 4 minutes. Thanks to helping with AWANA now for 6 years I already knew all of those verse by memory – I just need to work on remembering the book/chapter/verse for a few of them.

Attending the Training class also allows me to apply to be a counselor for the Rock the Lakes event in Green Bay in August.

Doing that would be a major step far outside my comfort zone.
I’ve filled out the application.