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Triathlon – June 15th

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What started as an off-hand joke at Christmas has grown into a full out challenge. The High-Cliff Sprint Triathlon.

Challenge accepted.

Mainly because I need to get more physically active and get the motivation to get into a habit of working out this is an excellent challenge for me. Simply put, I need to start working out regularly if I expect to finish the race. In the last 3 days I’ve done about 30 miles on the stationary bike in the basement.

So far I’m using Fitocracy to track my workouts and BodBot to generate the (non-stationary bike) workouts.
I started using Fitocracy last year so it made since to continue to track my activities on that site; however unless you pay for the premium site offerings it only works as a tracking site for you activities. BodBot on the other hand generates your workouts for free – and you pay for the tracking side of the site. A perfect match!

As a result I’m using BodBot’s generated workouts with an additional dose of stationary cycling.The workout activities generated by BodBot are targeted based upon your setup choices and can be swapped out for similar activities. So far any specific exercise I’ve come across that required a piece of gym equipment I’ve been able to swap out for something I can do at home without it.