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Neenah Paper Discovery Duathlon

Done! (official time was 2:19:35) -Paper Discovery Duathlon, Neenah WI - May 5, 2013

Done! (official time was 2:19:35)
-Paper Discovery Duathlon, Neenah WI – May 5, 2013

I mentioned to a co-worker a few weeks ago that I was doing the High Cliff Triathlon on June 15th. He mentioned that I should do the Paper Discover Duathlon on May 5 as a great practice run for how these events work. He has been doing this one for years.

So, I signed up. It was a 2 mile run, 19 mike bike ride, and a second 2 mile run.

And I competed – and I finished.

Before the race I was admiring the bikes and everything else, this was my first competitive race event after all. I ran into the co-worker that mentioned I should do this and a group of guys and their wives from church.

The first 2 mile run I did far better than I expected. For starters – I ran the whole 2 miles. The weather has been super cold and rainy so I haven’t been running outside mush and I haven’t run 2 miles on the treadmill yet. I told myself that I wouldn’t stop running until I passed somebody that wasn’t running. Call it the male testosterone thing if you want, I didn’t want to be the first guy walking that everybody saw! I ended up at a 9:10 mile pace.

Lets start off with this minor bit of information – out of every bike I saw there were a total of 4 mountain bikes I counted – including mine. I knew I wasn’t going to set any records with my ultra-heavy bike compared to the ultra-light wight road bikes all round me.
For the bike things went great for the first 10 miles. Then my peddle fell off. ‘Off’ as in I had to stop and bike it up off the road. Thankfully a road marshall was nearby and had a super basic tool set. He didn’t have the correct size socket but he had one that was close. I tightened it up knowing that I would get about a half mile before it came off again (I had this issue last summer about 5 miles from home). After the 5th time stopping to tighten the nut the I saw the events’ local bike shop sponsor – Wheel and Sprocket – coming down the road in their repair/observation car.  I flagged them down and they had the correct tools! They helped me out in a pinch and the nut held for the last 5 miles!

My result on the bike was a 11.7mph pace. That peddle really slowed me down, I was expecting a 15mph pace.

For the second run… well, my legs were shot. I walked almost all of it. 13:39 mile pace. I crossed the finish line running at least!

What did I Learn?

For starters I’m really glad I did this event.
-I discovered that my bike isn’t up to par with the questionable peddle (it had given me grief last summer, I thought it was fixed). I can’t compete at High Cliff with my current bike, I need a new bike.
-I discovered that I can actually run 2 miles. What I can’t do is run 2 miles after a long bike ride. I’ve changed up my workout to a 10+ mile bike ride plus a 1 mile run after the ride (at a minimum).
-That is feels really good to accomplish this event – and I’m looking forward to next year already!