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And time goes on…

And another year has come and gone since my last post here.
Hannah is about a year and a half old now – and getting bigger every day. This last weekend she managed to figure out how to get up on the sofa by herself. She managed to surprise me by jumping on top of me as I was absorbed in a book at the time!

Hannah Pappas

I’ve been away from the blog here way to long (just over a year according to the dates).

The biggest item of note in the last year is the birth of Hannah just about 4 months ago (wow, time flies).
Looking back, it’s crazy what the total impact has been and both Angie and I are still learning what that impact really is – and will be for the rest of our lives.

Hannah is asleep now in her crib, baby monitor on the desk in front of me as I type. The LED’s on the front of it are bouncing up and down to the heartbeat sound that’s playing in the room still. I’m really not sure who needs that sound more now – Hannah in her room or Angie and I in our room via the baby monitor. It’s beating while all of us sleep every night now.

Here’s some photos from the 1st week-

Update via IPod….

Testing the ability to post via my iPod Touch while I’m sitting in a hotel room in South Dakota. I’ll be posting lots of photos when I get home from the trip as well.
In the mean time, check out my Twitter feed! The main blog page list some of them in the upper left as well.

2nd Anniversary, Camping, and the Cabin!

Been a wild last week and a half, startling with 2 nights in Door County, 2 days at work, 3 nights in a tent, a drive home, unload, reload, and 2 nights in the Parents cabin up North for the 4th of July.

Over a week – and only 2 nights at home.
Make me miss my bed!

2 years of bliss! (Door County)
In Door County

We had a visitor at the campsite: (Camping)
100_1822 (Small)

And we played with Rocks – plus we had great sunsets! (Pappas Cabin)
Shoreline With Rocks


Cold, damp weekend

It’s June. It’s 50F outside. It’s raining.
This is the weather we’re supposed to get in April… Not June!

Anyhow, Angie and I managed to get some stuff done this weekend outside. We planted some flowers along the driveway, fixed some unlevel spots in the yard (still more to do yet) and planted grass where needed. When it stops raining I have more unlevel spots to fix and some low-voltage lighting to install as well.

Hopefully after work one night this week…