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Google Map Maker Regional Expert Reviewer

Seems I have a new non-Professional career related job related title I can add to a resume:

Google Map Maker Regional Expert Reviewer

Apparently I was noticed after 211 different edits, 52 reviews  and 42.2km worth of additions.


Really though – is that resume material under the ‘other activities’ or ‘other organizations’ section of a resume?


Update via IPod….

Testing the ability to post via my iPod Touch while I’m sitting in a hotel room in South Dakota. I’ll be posting lots of photos when I get home from the trip as well.
In the mean time, check out my Twitter feed! The main blog page list some of them in the upper left as well.

Some minor updates….

I was getting kind of annoyed by the old rigid blue lines and white background theme I had going on.  As an added bonus the newest version of wordpress (released a few days ago) contains a ton of updates that make changing/install new these a snap!

It took me about 2 hours to find a good theme and modify it to my liking. For example I had to add back in my image at the top, slightly cropped a bit more. Also the default theme had the menu bar on the right, I hate sites that put the menus on the right…
The old theme took me a few days to modify to my liking. So this is a big improvement!

And I’m liking the darker colors with the blue highlight at the top.

Internet Feeds & Twitter

So I compiled a list of places I update somewhat often and placed them in the sidebar on the left under ‘activity’.

It’s supposed to show my facebook updates, twitter feed, and flickr updates whenever I do something. We’ll find out if the twitter intergration works when I post this!

Update: It appears that the feed works, but wordpress here isn’t updating it properly or something. Anyhow, I’ll take a second look later when I have some time.

Old computer parts

So I discovered the olders piece of computer hardware I still regularly use.
The DVD Drive on the backup/server PC in the basement.

Turns out it was made in 2000 and can not read burned DVD’s. Thats somwhat annoying, but it explains what I thought was a problem with a (much newer) DVD burner.
A 9 year old piece of computer equipment is pretty darn old. That means I bought it while I was still in high school…  I can get a new one for $15. I’m pretty sure I paid at least $70 for this when I got it…
Anyhow, it can’t read burned DVD’s. I’ll have to replace it at some point here.

I’m going to guess that the next oldest piece of computer hardware is my router – and that one is showing signs of age. It clonks out on big file transferes and ends up killing off your network connection. I’m going to have to get that replaced somewhat soon….