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And time goes on…

And another year has come and gone since my last post here.
Hannah is about a year and a half old now – and getting bigger every day. This last weekend she managed to figure out how to get up on the sofa by herself. She managed to surprise me by jumping on top of me as I was absorbed in a book at the time!

Hannah Pappas

I’ve been away from the blog here way to long (just over a year according to the dates).

The biggest item of note in the last year is the birth of Hannah just about 4 months ago (wow, time flies).
Looking back, it’s crazy what the total impact has been and both Angie and I are still learning what that impact really is – and will be for the rest of our lives.

Hannah is asleep now in her crib, baby monitor on the desk in front of me as I type. The LED’s on the front of it are bouncing up and down to the heartbeat sound that’s playing in the room still. I’m really not sure who needs that sound more now – Hannah in her room or Angie and I in our room via the baby monitor. It’s beating while all of us sleep every night now.

Here’s some photos from the 1st week-

Car paid off!

So long car payment for my vehicle!

We got our tax return (both Federal and State) and used all of it to pay off the remaining amount owed to the bank on my car.

That’s a couple hundred each month we can use differently now at home, it’ll make maintain our budget easier as well. Add that monthly savings to a slightly higher amount saved each month due to refinancing the house and it starts to turn into big money quickly!
Just one more car to finish paying off before all we have left is the house!

All I Want For Christmas (Deluxe)

Thanks to Pandora over the Christmas season Angie and I found a new group, Straight No Chaser. It’s a male a cappella group that simply sounds great. Our personal favorite is the 12 Days of Christmas. Click the link below to head over to and you can hear samples.

All I Want For Christmas (Deluxe)(2CD/1DVD)

Newark Airport Security Breach

I think this story is funny – and sad – in many ways.
So somebody simply walks up the ‘exit only’ lane next to security at the airports and nobody stops him. Security see it in a video clip and goes nuts. Airport is shut down for hours.

So, the media is all over this story and how it happened – and whats needs to be done to prevent it in the future.
How it happened is simple – the person simply walked up the ‘exit only’ side of security. Somebody was (apparently) supposed to be watching the ‘exit only’ lane but they weren’t.
Apparently now that ‘bad people’ know that can be done its a huge security concern.

How do they fix it in the future?
This is where it gets comical in my opinion.
-The politicians and media will go nuts over the security guards in question that need to manually sit and observe the exit lanes. The “Lets hire even more people to sit and look at people walking by” – while never actually eliminating the possibility that it will occur again (Any individual can drop the ball eventually so to speak).

-Or, how about the implement a solution that has used since long before I was born:

Problem solved!
No person can ever be counted upon to be 100% effective; we’ll all fail at some point. That’s why error-proofed solution almost always remove the human element. If the airports installed these types of gates on the ‘exit lane’ it would be impossible for this type of an event to occur in the future – and it won’t cost the taxpayer far less in the long run than hiring additional people.

Seems like a no-brainer to me!